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Here i am lying in my bed waiting for my king for our chat bonding on facebook. Long distance relationship is not that sad because of facebook and other social networking like viber, twitter, instagram, skype, ym, etc.. Unfortunately in our case we can only use fb chat, but at least compare to other ship, they don’t have internet connection at all.
I missed old times, you know, letters, cards, printed pictures, etc.. I remember before i wrote him every week or sometimes everyday, send him different kinds of cards and pictures. But now, i’m kinda lazy with all that stuff,hehehe. I’l just open my facebook instead and apload pics or write him a message and there he can see it right away as soon as he open his fb.
Oh, by the way my birthday is fast approaching. Oh no! I’m almost out of the calendar!!heheheh. Anyway, no more plans for my birthday. No more salo-salo with friends. I just want to be with my family. It’s been so long that i’m so dedicated with my friends, i can’t live without my friends, i’m so loyal with my friends coz’ they’re like my sisters, but now maybe it’s time for myself. I’m on hurting stage, disappointed, and wondering why?.. Okay! Enough for this drama!
With all these drama, i found out that the best ever friend of mine is my hubby. I’m so thankful he allowed me to talk to him like a friend and not as my husband. Chatting like a real best friend, who advice you, comfort you, telling you your mistakes and say to you that no matter what happen he’s there for me all the time. How lucky am i to have him in my life. I cannot trust anyone except him.
Forgive me with all these sentiments in life,hehehe.. I’d rather write it here than talking to anybody out there. You know what i mean.. Not all people you talk cares for you, some are just too curious to know..
Time is up… Time for chat bonding with my hubby..
Thanks for reading all these nonsense post of mine..hehehe.. Till my next post..
Wala lang, pampalipas oras, while waiting… ;-)

When mishaps happen…

It’s monday, first day of a week, when mishaps happened to us (my daughter and me). While driving from her school going home, and suddenly the car engine stopped, and where in the middle of a busy street in our town, and since it’s my first time to experience such thing, it’s like “omg! What am gonna do? My daughter is with me,pls help us Lord”. I was so scared that time and don’t know what to do,the engine didn’t start. Our car is 23 months old and i can’t imagine it happened to us coz i take care of our car like my baby, (that’s why i call it baby soul). Thanks to our friend tatay driver and to our neighbor who helped us.
Tuesday, second day of a week. I brought baby soul to kia service center near our town to have check. Just when we arrived there, the engine didn’t start again. So they checked and blah blah blah… After an hour and half they said, “maam ok na ang sakyanan, start na balik” so they released the car. I was driving on our way home and decided to stop in a bank to withdraw, i did not turn off the engine since i wont take that long to withdraw in an atm. When i got back inside the car i noticed the foot brake is not functioning so i turned off the engine, when i switched it on the engine didn’t start again. Thanks to kia service center who rescued us. And most especially thank you Lord we’re safe. What if the brake didn’t function while i was driving? What will happen to us? Isn’t it too early to experience all these things for a 23 months old kia soul? Is kia cars safe? Until now they cant tell me whats wrong with my car..
Wednesday, third day of a week, it happened early today. I’m in the supermarket doing groceries, i have no cash onhand,coz’ my plan is to swipe my debit card. When i was about to pay, we found out metrobank system is offline, so i ran to the nearest atm to withdraw instead, but still they can’t process my request, so i decided to go to the nearest metrobank, to found out all metrobank from manila is out of service,there system are down. It’s like what?!! I have no cash onhand, How i’m gonna pay my groceries? My baby has no more milk,water and diaper, we have no food in the fridge, i almost cry.. But Jesus still love me, the manager has a good heart that she allowed me to get some money from them but to leave my card in the bank until the system get back, which is a big no no to their company but bec. She has a good heart and she saw me almost crying, she allowed me to get some money. Lucky me!!
No matter what misfortune happened to me, our Good Lord still love. He never leaves me. And im so thankful with that.. We just have to believe that He’s there for us no matter what happen..


Have you heard about this kopiccino from kopiko? For sure you see their ads on tv or hear it from radio. Thanks to the vegetables oil that i bought, i was able to try this kind of drink for free. And believe it or not this drink will blow you away, promise. I super love the taste plus taste like a real capuccino from starbucks or from any other coffee shops at a super affordable price. I can’t imagine kopiko made this kind of drink, but thank you i don’t need to buy capuccino worth a hundred bucks. What i did is that i just bought a cute mug exclusively for my kopiccino..heheheh..street wise!


My favorite part is to design anything on top of my kopiccino using the free choco granules. Just be creative..My first attempt is the happy face.. What can you say? Can’t wait for my hubby to come home coz’ i love to prepare this for him with heart on top.. ^_^


So what are you waiting for? Hurry buy now from your nearest stores or supermarket. Be practical, drink kopiccino…

When i was young, i feel so envious whenever i saw a whole family going to church together because my father wont attend mass except in my sisters wedding,my mama lola’s burial and my wedding. I know he has reasons why and now i perfectly understand it.
When i was young, i feel so envious everytime my classmates come to school with there father coz’ my father didn’t drive me to school even though our house is 6-7 kilometers from school. (Yes, we walked that far).. But i understand, and never complain.
When i was young, i feel so envious with my friends and classmates receiving their awards and honor ribbons with their parents, coz’ me only my nanay, except in my kinder graduation. But i understand now, it’s just that he’s too shy to stand in front of many people,but i know he’s proud of me.
When i was young, i feel so envious to my friends and classmates having a rich dad and provide everything they need, There’s a time that i ask myself why we’re not rich? And wishing to be rich. How does it feels to have everything you like. But now i totally understand the situation. We don’t have everything but we have each other, i have a complete family.
I’m not close with my tatay, maybe because of what he did to us before especially with my nanay. It hurts me a lot that because of his doings, i am the one who paid for it. Bullying in school and in our town is what i’ve got. But that never stop me to dream and strive hard to become a succesfull person even though some of my relatives put me down and never believe me that i can.
And now that i’m too old to understand life, i know everything happens for a reason. I maybe not vocal to my tatay how much i love him but i do. I know he loves me too and i can feel that he do his best now. He’s there for me everytime i need him now. I maybe don’t have a perfect father like others but i have a father who made me perfectly awesome and pretty..heheheh.. He don’t have wealth but he himself is our wealth. He made mistakes over and over again but he has family who forgive him over and over again.
My tatay is different from yours, my tatay is unique. He’s so friendly and easy to be with. He talks whats in his mind. He’s a hardworking person. He’s not perfect but i’m proud he’s my tatay. I’m thankful he raised me and i believe i’m his princess and his forever “bunso”. Whatever i do now is partly for you tatay and nanay. I want you both to experience and enjoy some things in life that you never experience before like “makasakay og airplane” ;-)
He is Tranquilino “Danny” Humang-it, my tatay, my father..

This is the only photos i have with my tatay..

Proud mom!

It’s been 4 days since the class started and i’m enjoying and loving it. New school, new teachers and new classmates. No, i’m not studying again, i’m referring to my princess, she’s in grade school now, grade one to be exact. I can’t imagine my princess is in grade school now, time flies so fast. I’m enjoying my role as a mom, preparing her uniform, fixing her hair, arranging her things, and drove her to school.
What i love the most is thinking what to cook for her lunch, oh yes i love to cook. And the most happiest part is when my princess appreciated what i prepared for her, like ” ikaw nagluto ani mami? My favorite..” Or ” wow kalami sa imong giluto mami oi i love it” , and i’m so inspired everytime i cook because i know my princess will appreciate it.
A while ago as gabby (my daughter) ate her lunch in their classroom,( because their teacher let them eat on their own without parents or yaya to make the child become independent.) some of the parents amazed when they saw what my princess eat, vegestables!! a.k.a. ” UTAN BISAYA”
Most of the children now a days only eat chicken,hotdog or ham, pork etc… Except vegestables. But i trained my daughter to eat whatever i put on the table during meal time.
At an early age, i think when she’s 2years old, she ate all by herself, she knew how to use spoon & fork already.
And now my princess is 6 years old now, at a young age she knew how to wash the dishes, folding clothes,cleaning the house and sweeping outside our house. At a young age she knew and understand a lot of things in life. She maybe young but i know i can count on her in times i need someone to comfort me, (proven & tested na nku during those times im super down).
She’s so sweet, caring, loving, friendly, outspoken ang very energetic. I know my daughter is not perfect but i know she will grow up perfectly with our guidance and love. Hard headed sometimes, but that’s part of their growing up stage.
I’ m so proud and lucky to have a daughter like her, who always say ” ka gwapa sa akong mami oi” , “wow nice dress akong mami” ” good morning my queen,hows your sleep?” ” i’m pretty like mami” etc…
I wish she will be able to read this blog of mine in the future. To remind her how lucky i am to have her in my life.



We love you princess. Always be good in school.. We’re here to support you in everything that you do..

Please help me to win in this contest. Like my picture here .. I’ ll happy and glad if you hit like..

It’s a rainy cold evening and here i am lying in our bed watching my kids sleeping and at the same time thinking what my king doing right now, is he working or relaxing in his cabin or probably he’s sleeping but whatever he’s doing now i hope he’s okay there.
It’s been a while since i put on my headphone and listen to my favorite musics in my phone, and here i am again blabbering in my blog.
Oh by the way what’s your favorite musics or songs? I listen to different genre now, but i so love old songs like from 70′s & 80′s. I still love new songs, really i do but you know it wont last that long, unlike old songs that can really touch my heart and soul.
And my all time favorite songs are “thanks to you” , “closer you & i”, ” on my own by whitney houston”, “god give me you” ,”that’s what friends are for” & “destiny”.
I do love songs from air supply, side A , barry manilow, rick astley, bread, yanni, and a lot more..
Sometimes in my senti mode, no not sometimes but everytime i’m on my senti mode i cried when i hear love songs, coz’ feeling naku “gosh naigo ko ani nga kanta” , but you know in your senti moment you feel like all songs really meant for you,am i right? No not only in senti moment but also in times you’re in love.
I agree that Filipinos are so sentimental and emotional.;-)
How about you, what’s the songs of your life? What songs affect you the most?
All i can say all songs can affect us depends on our moods and situations.
Before i end this let me share a fact about me:
I sing because i’m sad.
So everytime i sing a song it doesn’t mean that i’m happy, it means im sad and lonely..

Goodnight readers and followers thank you for patronizing my blog..

Do i make sense in this post? Well, whatever it is, i only share to you guyz whats in my mind right now.;-)

I heard a lot of stories nowadays, a different stories from different people and yet the same mistakes and the same feelings..
I know being a seaman or seaman’s wife is not easy,so hard that tears fall down with no reasons.
There’s no such things that “mas looy ang seaman” or “mas looy ang asawa” coz’ in this life you cannot predict what will happen in the future.
I feel super sad to know that a wife suffered so much pain because her husband has an affair with other girl. Which is common to a seafarer,but still not right.
And then here the seaman hurting now because his wife having an affair with other boy and now the girl is pregnant.
All i can say is that you will never know what will happen in your life. Now tell me what hurts the most, your partner having an affair or your partner addicted to gambling or your partner lied to you all the time?
Which is which we know that it’s not right, and it has to stop to save the family.
I know we’re (me &hubby) not perfect but i’m so proud of what we’ve been through for the past years. And i feel so lucky and i knew he consider his self lucky too that we have each other. And i thank God for being there for us and always englighten our minds not to make mistakes than can ruin our marraige.
I pray to those people who’s hurting right now and i know everything happens for a reason, time can heal everything even the deepest wounds.
We make mistakes but whats important is we learned from it and
never do it again. And to those who haven’t realize that what they do is a big NO NO, maybe it’s time to think and change before it’s too late..

Till’ my next random thoughts….hehegge…nytinyt pepz!!!

Apple One Banawa Heights

APPLE ONE BANAWA HEIGHTS –is conveniently located 200meters from Hiway Banawa. 5mins to Cebu Provincial Capitol. a distinctly remarkable & first-of-its-kind community. This is a luxurious condominium at a very affordable price since this is pre-selling. This condominium has 3 different features
- A 12 storey,6 cluster TOWER, with ONLY 4 units per floor own elevator per cluster.
-A 4 storey walk-up, 3 cluster VILLAS with 6 units per floor.
-A 3 storey walk-up MANSIONETTE with only 4 units per floor.











For more info about this project pls contact:

Sales & Marketing Executive
Leuterio Realty & Brokerage
09173590060 (globe)
09176218451 (viber)

Alberlyn south subdivision

Alberlyn subdivision located in cansojong talisay cebu… Near SRP or south road properties..







For more info and site viewing please contact:
Jovelyn Lumapas
09176218451 (viber)
Leuterio Realty & Brokerage

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