My Babies, My Bags

Oh i love bags, branded or not, authentic or not, as long as i’m comfortable to use it.

These are some of my bags now, and two new addition..I dont know why i love bags, even though some of them i dont used it. I just love to watch them hanging in my room. I’m not choosy when it comes to bags as long as i love the color and the quality of the bags. I dont care if its 2nd hand or from ukay-ukay as long as i can see that its durable. We can be fashionable in a cheaper way. There’s a lot of thrifted store in the city, you can have an authentic bags in a very very low price. It’s a matter of patience and hard work…

These are my two new addition of my collection.. The first is a ninewest hand bag, bought it online..second is a Double.M milano,thrifted…

Actually i have a lot of bags before and i sell those bags at a cheap price..And now this is my new collection of bags, and looking forward to collect bag in different colors, light colors to be exact..God bless everyone!


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