oh yes! I’m gonna share all the food that i love, and on my next blog, will be posting the  “How to do it” of all this food.

Ok! here’s my menu, lets start with the main dish..

Here’s my top 3 favorite!

(note: took this pics from the net,will be posting my own pics on my next blog “how to do it”)

1. Pork adobo

2. Fried shrim with garlic

3. Brian’s ribs of casa verde

I’m gonna go crazy with this food..super duper favorite! I super love pork adobo,my style! and the garlic shrimp too.

And this brian’s ribs is my all time favorite too. And as of now i’m trying to cook this dish,that’s why i always eat at casa verde  to know on how to make such delicious food..yum yum yum! hungry!


Buko salad! My all time favorite dessert,maybe because i love buko, and take note this is one of my expertise in making dessert. Im so sure once you taste it you always wanted (familiar with this line?!! that’s a secret!hehhe)

Macaroni salad! The only dessert that you will always find in our fridge, bec. this will last longer than to buko salad. Just to make it clear this kind of salad that i love is the one with fruit cocktail,kaong and cheeze, sweet macaroni salad it is!

Mango float! Who among you guys don’t love mango float?! Can you resist this food if this is in front of you?

Expect this dessert in the table every time we have special occasions, although we make this in an ordinary day,but its not reasonable at all because its expensive and yet you can only do a little of it.


IT’S CHOCOLATE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course these are all mine! My undying admiration of chocolates,comes to a point that all my chocolates got expired coz i just love to watch it rather than eat it…yeh! weird but its true!

I’m sweet! now you know!


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