One of my favorite restaurant here in cebu is casa verde. Why? simply because you can find here my ever favorite Brian’s ribs. Their food is so delicious at an affordable price. The customer is come and go every hour. Casa verde is like a block buster movie “pinag pipilahan”heheh…yes its true! outside their restaurant you can find their a little but nice waiting area, its like you’re in a little garden and i tried it once to wait there just to eat my favorite ribs…

Most of their customers are korean,chinesse or shall we say foreigners…Casa verde has 3 branches, in Ayala, IT park the walk and their main branch in Ramos. But i always go to their Ramos branch because the price their is more cheaper compare to their Ayala and The Walk branch, place does matter you know!

I’ve read a lot of  feedback about this restaurant, positive and negative feedback but for how many years i eat here i can give them a two thumbs up!

I dont really care how many hours i’ve waited outside just to eat my Brian’s ribs! And now i tried so hard to learn how to cook this, but actually i know how to cook the ribs my problem is how to prepare the sauce! Can somebody help me?!!!

I can’t forget the very first time i eat there with my friend iris and company..They ordered casa verde’s specialty the Brian’s ribs…When the food was served to us i was so shocked and super amazed! Suddenly my friend asked me, can we eat this all madame? The ribs is so big,enough for the two people…

See it for yourself and taste it….for sure you will love it!


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