Featuring my forever friends!!!

Friendship proven and tested. Why forever true friends? I’ll tel you why.

We’ve been friends for a long time, almost 10 years and yet we still have this friendship that everyone envy off. We argue in so many things, we have different characteristics but we have one thing in common and thats what we call “BEAUTY” weeee!!!! just take a  look on our pics below and tell me if im not telling you guys the truth.:)..

Yes! our friendship have been through a lot of trials and pain, but helping each other is our mission. Sharing problems in family and love life, and most of all our all time problems “MONEY”, maybe bec. of this problem our friendship keep stronger, of course today is another history in money thing.

We dont see each other often but we knew in our hearts that we love and treasure each other and  always there to help. We have different life now but we still find time to be together and chit-chat!


A quite type of girl, has this maldita look but very nice inside. Has the beauty queen height and body but very shy to show off what she’s got. The funniest among all of us. She’s the only one who doesn’t encounter fight to one of us. You cant see this girl crying, very strong woman. Very pretty and of course secretly naughty!!!


This girl has a very soft heart to all of us and to all people. Very down to earth and expect this girl to be there for you in just one text. I can’t imagine life without this girl by my side, for a long time i’m so dependent to her coz we have the same house before she get married. She’s our so called mother in our barkada bec she took care of us like a mom. She has this natural beauty, very simple and yet naughty sometimes!!!!


We call her as a very “unfeeling well person” oh no! dont mean this literally this is our term of being a very out spoken person and didn’t mind that what she said that she can hurt our feelings as long as she will said that to you. She speak whats in her mind, very frank. Very maldita in our barkada. The most “kuripot” in our barkada! hehe..peace!! and no wonder if she will become the richest among us!hehe…simple beauty that will surely capture your heart, and oopps secretly naughty as well…aminin!!!


Meet cathy, the smartest among us. Very hard working person, a scholar in our school. A working student but still excel in academic, i wonder how she manage her time bet. work and studies. Hmmm very impressive! Very religious person. I admire her so much. She thinks before she speak. As you can see, she’s pretty and of course secretly naughty!



Now tell me guys, am i wrong in telling that we have one thing in common and its beauty?!heheh…See it for yourself guys…and oopppsss there’s more being secretly naughty!!!!weeeeee…..

Seriously, we have the same points of view in life, same mission and we have the same goal, to reach what our hearts desire, happy family, stable job and a comfortable lifestyle as well.

I’m so thankful to have them in my life. Whats important in friendship is you need to respect one another, and support each other in every path they take. We’re not seeing each other for a long time now but our friendship is still there and no one can ever break us coz we’ve been through thick and thin.

And why i called them true friends?! simply because they’re not plastic, ayt?!!!! 🙂

I’m so lucky i found them!


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