So sad and lonely :(


Thrifted blazer, thrifted shoes,thrifted clutch bag, blue tube dress and white belt from sm department store. Now you believe that i’m a thrifted queen,plus the fact that i’m always present almost every sunday in carbon just to thrift. With your 500 pesos you can have 7 items mix with shirts,dress,bag and shorts. Good thing i gain more friends by thrifting.

Why i post this look? Ok, while busy taking pics with this look, i didn’t notice that my daughter is crying hiding her face with a pillow, when i’m about to change outfit,she stared at me and said “mommy ana ko akoy picture nimo, wa ka kasabot?” s0 just to stop her from crying i took a pose for her, here it is…

I love this pose but i dont like the background, so messy…:)

FYI my daughter loves to take pictures and i can say she has the talent in photography i can see it in her work, at her age she knows her subject like ants,leaves, her stuff toys and everything around her. and ooppsss she love to take photo with her big but cute eyes too…heheheh

Before i forgot, about the title so sad because i suffer headache for 10 days now and so lonely because i can’t go out and thrift and buy new things for my lookbook.wth! 🙂


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