Krispy Kreme!!!

(not copied from net,this is my own photo)

Have you heard about Krispy Kreme? The super yummy and delicious doughnuts in town. It’s more expensive than any other doughnuts but the price is worth to eat.

Anyway, krispy kreme is coming to town this september.Yes, you read it right. At last they’re decided to put up their first ever branch here in cebu at ayala mall, located at the first level.

I read some bad bisayan feedback about krispy kreme that it will not last longer here in cebu,etc… Do you believe them??

If starbucks last, then, krispy kreme as well, coz they’re not only selling doughnuts but the best coffee as well and a lot more.

You see this very long line? (this pic is not so clear coz im just using my phone) Yes! this people patiently waiting for their turn just to buy krispy kreme and they’re not buying by pieces but by boxes. This photo taken at robinson manila, in fact they have 2 branches here and yet it’s like a block buster movie(pinagpipilahan).

What are you waiting for? Start saving now.

For more information about Krispy Kreme in cebu visit:


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