Facts about HE & SHE (boys and girls)

Agree or disagree???

Well its up to you guys to decide. You can also share your opinion here if you like….

HE IS VERY SWEET AND CARING…(at first to let girls  really fall for them)

HE DON’T LIKE TEXTING (but when he still courting you he find time to)

HE DON’T LIKE GIRLS ALWAYS CHECKING THERE WHEREABOUTS (but he always checks the whereabouts of their girl to prevent complications…you know guys what i mean! )

HE HATES TO GO SHOPPING WITH GIRLS (bec. girls takes time to decide which one to buy. He wants to go shopping alone,because he buy what he want not what you want)

HE DON’T LIKE PDA (Public Display of Affection)….( maybe because they’re afraid other girls can see them that they’re taken already)

SHE IS NOT SWEET AND CARING (at first yes, playing  like “duh i dont care” , “who is he?”, but in the end girls are the sweetest and the most caring persons in the world)

SHE LOVE TEXTING ( girls wont get tired of texting, even others says they dont like to text but admit it girl you wont let a day to pass without texting your man..even if girls are tired and sleepy but still girls entertain text from boys)

SHE loves PDA (to all girls even if you said you dont like being a PDA but hey! admit it you love PDA especially if your boy is a campus heartthrob, you want the world to know it’s like hey! this is my man..:))

SHE loves to write love letters, give cards or pictures  with dedications, or we should say SHE is thoughtful..

HE dont like to write love letters nor give pictures with dedications, being together is enough for boys. But i  knew some HE who love making love letters or a poem for their love one..

SHE loves being treated like a princess or a queen but ended up serving HER king or prince….SHE loves that all his attention is with her but ended up giving all her attention to him..weird!

SHE will do anything for him, but ended up HE will look someone else..Because if you will do anything to him especially gf/bf level the boy will not appreciate it instead they will feel suffocated.

SHE always said “i don’t want you anymore” , ” i hate you” , ” go away” or in other words no matter how painful it is girls are girls, they always never mean what they said, girls always eaten what they said. While in HE. whenever he said no, or “it’s over” they mean it..boys are boys no matter what they say that they don’t cry over break ups, of course they do! it’s just that we can’t see them crying, pride!

(enough for now) to be continue: 🙂


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