Nail art addiction! <3 <3

zebra print!

yummy strawberry!

Hey! this is my new addiction, nail art! Who love nail art?! You do? Well, what design do you like the most? heheh…Anyway I remembered the very first time i have nail art was a flower which i design, and i’m the one who choose color and everything. Unfortunately i was not able to take some pictures of my old nail art, all the flowery design but don’t you worry from now on i will be blogging all my nail art design..

What can you say about the strawberry design? Isn’t it yummy?! Yeh i know this a common design but who cares? i love it anyway! It feels like my finger nails are always clean! weeee

And my latest now is the animal print design, a zebra print! Thanks to Franz salon they have artist of animal print.. Can’t wait for next week for my leopard print design!!! I’m addicted to animal print for so long!!! -_-

This is a little bit expensive but if you guys really want to have nail art, then all i can say is save save and save…:)

Oh yes! this is me!!!

Obviously! my bag and my nail art are the same! weeeeee

P.S. forgive me for a poor picture quality since i’m only using my phone 😦

Here’s my latest nail art..My design, my idea….

Love love love is in the air…..:)


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