Japanese spitz + Poodle

Hello everyone!

Introducing our new baby MACY! Mixed breed of Japanese spitz and Poodle..

Birthdate: June 27, 2011

Honestly i’m not a dog lover, Yes! but i have to buy this one for my princess. This puppy is different from others, i don’t see her as a dog but a baby, she’s acting like a real baby. Sometimes i ask myself what if this dog has a baby spirit inside? weird ayt?!1hehehe…

Similarity of the real baby and macy:

Macy never stop barking when she’s hungry or thirsty.

Macy woke up at dawn,that’s why we always prepare milk for her.

Macy never stop barking if she’s alone or when all of us are upstairs and she’s in the sala.

Macy loves to sleep, sleep and sleep just like a baby.. She loves to play gabby’s toys as well..

Whenever i rub my hands to her tummy, she spread her legs immediately and closes her eyes..funny! and i love to do it over and over again to her.

sleepy head...

Mixed feelings raising this dog.

Stressful sometimes but fun…Sometimes annoying! coz she wont stop barking until you come to her and play with her.

Hassle especially when she make “popo” and “wewe”…..ewwwww…:0)

OMG! i need patient to this dog..more more and more patient…

But i love this dog and i know she loves me too…

What i love her the most is that she has the same birthday with Baby Marcus! (son of my friends, cris & juv) same age! Isn’t it nice? What a coincidence ayt?!  weeee


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