My new Accessories!!!

Here’s my newest accessories collection..

Let started with bracelet and bangles!! Isn’t it cute guys?! This is love at first sight..I wish i could buy all the colors.:(

This is really cute in person guys, you cant go wrong matching this with your daily looks. Can’t wait to wear all of these cutie!!! 🙂 And OH! these cutie are cheaper compare to malls and boutiques and other online shops. It cost around 250 pesos and I bought mine for only 55 pesos..Wow! All you have to do is be a smart buyer!!!

How about this vintage-y necklace?? I love this because it’s vintage and yet it has pink…weeeee

Cutie hair clips ayt???

Oh the two earings!!! I don’t have a solo pictures to each of them due to blurry thing…:( I only use my phone and so sad no matter what i do blurry thing is there…

Anyway, no DSLR camera is not a hindrance for me to practice photography…Before, i love taking pictures of myself, i love to pose and now i love to take pictures in everything around me…

Although i have a lot of things to practice in photography but i’m not dreaming to become PRO, i just want the basic…I just love doing like this…:)

God bless everyone!!!!


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