I’ve been crazy looking for this brand here in cebu for a month only to find out that this is available in Rustan’! 🙂

This was given by a friend of mine as a birthday gift, thanks Doc Karen! ❤ I so love this so much!!! Clinique loves my face!!!!weeee

My foaming cleanser mouse almost empty, i need another one pls! >_<  The eye repairwear was made perfectly for my face,lolz! Before i’ve got dark circles and eye bag  due to lack of sleep but when i started to use this eye repairwear, no more dark circles!!!!weeee…

And in the center is a make-up remover, well, perfect for me since i’m so lazy to wash face at nigth! really honest to the fullest! heheh..i’m not that type of washing face  every! but look at my face, no pimples at all!!! ❤

That’s my beauty secret! hahahahah!!!!


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