Black for sadness

Black ribbon-like collar top, gaisano mall. Shorts my shop, belt greenhills, Wedge metro gaisano, Accessories my supplier.

Black for sadness. Yes! i felt so sad scared this past few days because my little princess got fever, as in high fever with matching nose bleeding, but thanks God it’s not serious like dengue. It’s just her nose has wounds inside that keep on bleeding and she has allergy. So many sleepless nights watching over my princess. I can feel now the real motherhood thing. You want to cry but no tears will come out, scared but need to be strong for your princess..

And i am very disappointed to this hospital (i wont name it), i mean their staff, it’s like they don’t know what they are doing. Maybe because  they think that we’re free there they treat us like that. Helloo!!! we have contribution to that organization, i mean big contribution, i’m not talking about peso here but in dollar and they just treated us like that? So disappointed.

Anyway, i’m so thankful that my princess is getting better now, aside from her nose, she don’t have fever anymore, so lets celebrate to that..

Thank you to all who help me and support me morally. To all the advice they gave me.thank you guys!


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