Parisian lace-up!

Black parisian lace-up shoes. Got this cutie half of their original price.:) This is what we call “last stock”.weee.. I can’t believe it that this cutie fits me so well, this is actually size 37…”magic”!!!

I know i’m not that super expert to walk in heels but promise this cutie wont let you fall. It’s easy to walk even you run. But i don’t think i can wear this in going out or a long day out not because of it’s 4 inches heels but because i don’t have the guts of wearing it..>_< “shy much” I don’t want to see those eyes staring at me which i don’t know whether it’s a compliment look or what…

Anyhoo, Parisian will launch their newest collection, i think it will happen next week. Visit the SM malls nearest you. I’m sure you will love their new collection and i’m sure i’ll buy one. ๐Ÿ™‚

I saw a lot of shoes online, but these pre-order thing kills me. I hate waiting when i can buy directly when i want to. Instead of buying online, i rather visit sm mall..:)


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