Everythings ok now!

I’m back again! Cold weather made me feel like writing here again.

Tube dress turn top from cococabana of sm department store, xhilaration skirt, yellow cardigan and parisian flats, and glasses from apm mall.

Another thing that i feel like writing today is that my baby is ok now. “Thanks God” even though i really don’t feel good today but i’m happy for my baby.

Anyway, about my looks, mix and match my old clothes again.Feeling young in this look, i don’t feel like i’m 28,yey! ayt! i’m 28 but i don’t know if i’m acting like 28 years old!!hheheh, and i miss my long hair.:(

I think i’m in love with my glasses,i mean fashion glasses, although i have a graded glasses but i don’t usually use it, it’s too old.:) Plan to have a new graded glasses very soon..This fashion glasses comes in pink and blue and i think i need to go back to that store and buy those 2 remaining colors. I don’t usually use fashion glasses because it can cause me headache,since i have a problems with my eyes, but this glasses wont give me pain, that’s why i love it!

Anyhoo, love the effect of this photo, it’s all natural. No lightroom, a little photoshop for border. Love the effect of the lights in my back.

And i’m drinking my fav frappes in starbucks , choco cream chips…:)


6 thoughts on “Everythings ok now!

  1. isnt that suck when our babies get sick….such a terrible feeling..i can relate coz im a mom too.Im glad she is doin ok now ๐Ÿ™‚ btw you lookin great mommy

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