Just another ordinary day

 Just another ordinary day!

As usual, drive my princess to her school. It’s a sunny morning so i wear like this.:) and even if it’s raining i still wear shorts and top like this but with cardigans of course!hehehe

Polka top, US brand. Denim shorts, parisian wedge, animal print bag from YRYS, and oh have you notice my necklace? It’s from forever21 and i’ve been looking for a necklace like this ever since,a rosary like necklace,  at last i have one now!weeee…

And my bag, it’s a gift from a very loving man, my daddy! which i myself bought it,hehehe..He only gave me money.>_< At least he preferred to gave me money to buy what i want and like rather than buying what he like which i don’t like!!heheheheh..I’m just being practical!

Anyhooo, what do you like to wear in a sunny day like this? shorts, sleeveless,pants or long sleeve? Whatever it is, makes sure you’re comfortable with it..


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