Animal print Chunky heels!

Animal print chunky heels!

At last! i have one already. I really want a shoes like this, but you know pre-order kills me, and thanks to my self for discovering this store here in cebu, goodbye pre-order! weeeee

I bought this shoes without a second thought, am just asking for a size5 and paid for it.heheheh..I don’t know where to wear this but i don’t care at least i have one now. The only problem is, it’s hard for me to walk, i mean a long walk. This is my problem having  skinny feet, i need to put a cork inside to fit perfectly..heheh..

I have an attitude like  buying things which i don’t know if i can use it.  Impulsive buyer! As long as i like it then go! hehehe…But of course now, i’m trying to stop this kind of attitude..hehehe..(i wish) I think this is natural in all girls, i mean mostly.:)

Will post next time one of cebu’s tourist spot TOPS…Been there with my friends, unplanned yet we’re having so much fun..

God Bless everyone! Stay Safe!


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