Heels on Top!

Heels on Top!

Simple outfit paired with my studded pump! I don’t know if i look good, what do you think?heheh..I felt so comfortable in this outfit,why? because my “bil-bil”  is not visible!weeee…I’ve noticed this past few days i love wearing loose top,crop top and everything flowy to hide my fatty bod! 😦 I know i’m gaining weight, i have to go to a gym or back in my aerokick session..

What i wore here is all my old clothes. I didn’t wear this anymore coz’ it’s so big for me and i love wearing clothes that fits me well and now it’s totally opposite.

The place, the last time i went here was my 18th birthday, it was year 2001 and after 10 years i’m back again, nothings new..heheheh..When my friends told me to go there, i said yes without thinking somebody will get mad!:( I have my reasons and i think it’s valid and i know daddy will understand me. I want to practice my driving on hills also and it’s been a long time since i went there also and i missed also having fun with all my board mates way back in college, and i know in our life now, seeing each other often is really hard to achieve, maybe because we have different life and place now. Hoooo! how i missed all my barkada in Busaing compound.. Plus, i took advantage to pose here for lookbook..:)

Todo na to!!!

Anyhooo, will feature this place on my next post..


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