Lacey stripes!

Another simple outfit for a simple day out! A day out with my princess, went at sm city to buy her outfit for our baby Marcus christening and i’m so stressed, really coz’ she want to choose her own outfit from head to toe.  And she had taste actually, and i loved it!

Thrifted lacey shrug, stripes tube top from gaisano mall, flat shoes and leggings..Nothing special with this outfit. But i love my top, really coz’ it’s so cheap and the quality,super nice! It’s a sale item and so glad they have for kids also, so i bought one,no, i mean two for my princess too.

As what i’ve said in my previous post, i love to wear maternity like clothes this days, urgh! i hate “bil-bil” 😦

Us wearing terno tube top…In case you don’t know, my princess always asking me to have terno dress or shorts, other words terno in everything, so now, you don’t know how happy she was at this moment.:)

Here’s my little fashionista! She’s cute,isn’t she? 🙂 Proud mommy!

So serious even though the people around her staring at her. I don’t know where she got that pose, look at her legs! That’s my signature pose..weeee

Love love love everyone!!!


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