This place is one of cebu’s tourist spot. They call this place TOPS, maybe because this place is on the top of cebu city.:) Overlooking the city.  A lot of foreigners went  here to relax and experience to see the whole city, i mean not only foreigners but local as well. This place is one of their favorite place especially at night when all the lights are on all over the city.

What my friends did to avoid dull moment is that they tried to locate their place, guessing what place is that and so on.

You can see sunrise and sunset here!

Lover’s edge! hehehe

Perfect for lovers, couples, family and friends….

Perfect for pictorial session.. As you can see! 🙂

This is their concrete cottages. Intended for large family outing with lots of foods and drinks. You can relax here. And i love this circle design, its like in a James Bond movie..heheh

 With friends! We’re having so much fun!

We call this place a “rich place”, why? Well, you can only reach this place if you have a car, or if you don’t have one, you can come here on a taxi, which cost around 600 to 800 pesos or through a motorcycle “habal-habal” which cost 400 to 500 pesos. Plus an entrance fee of 100 pesos per head.Plus food.huh!.Too much expenses ayt?

Consider yourself  lucky guys if you have friends with car to bring you in this place.:)

One more tips, if you’re planning to go in this place make sure you have your jacket or anything to make you feel warm coz’ this place is so cold. So thankful, coz’ by the time we went here it’s not super cold, the sun is still up and it’s not windy.


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