Pilipinas got talent season 3

Last night was the announcement of results for Pilipinas got talent grand champion, and i was so shocked! I mean so many people was so shocked! I hope i can’t offend anybody here but this is just my opinion and everybody has the right to express what’s on our mind. ayt?!

Before anything else, i am from southern leyte, i grew up their and my family live there and i’m proud that i am from southern leyte. When i heard that Maasinhon trio was one of the grand finalist, of course i supported them, i’m so proud of them. really!

And so, performance night has come. I watched not only to support Maasinhon trio but to witness how all the grand finalist performed like that’s their last performance in their life. Honestly, i’m not happy for the Maasinhon performance, it’s not bongga! I think they’e much better when they sang “Bituing walang ningning” don’t get me wrong guys, coz’ i’m not the only one who said that, it’s all over social networking site.

Me as a viewer open my mind to all the grand finalist. I have my bet, my favorite grand finalist and that’s included Maasinhon trio. I agree of what Kris A. said that Pilipinas got talent is not all about singing contest, and yes! Pilipinas got talent is all about Filipinos talent, not only singing talent.

And so, Maasinhon trio won as Pilipinas got talent season 3 champion. A lot of people react and so shocked. Why? well, if you watched their performance night last saturday you can answer your “why”. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really thought Pilipinas got talent is a contest of who is more talented of who, who among them who has unique talent of who. But now i realized, Pilipinas got talent is not “labanan” nang talento but “labanan” who has more supporter, i mean organization, loyal to their place.etc..

My question is, how about those people who has talent and yet no organization,etc.etc..you know what i mean guys. But we have nothing to do because this is a voting process. On the other hand, i’m happy coz’ i knew now how solid leytenyos are.:)

Lastly, El gamma penumbra and Synergy even though you did not win but you know guys that your talent is a world class talent. I never thought that we have here in the Philippines like Synergy who has talent like what i saw in the foreign movies. You guys has talent which not everyone can make it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace to all! >_<




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