Planet animalia!

Animal prints…. Who wouldn’t love animal print? A lot of girls going crazy with animal prints, included me. I love them before but i don’t buy because i have no guts to wear or use animal print things. And as i joined lookbook, those people are my inspiration to wear one. I don’t know if i look good with it, but i don’t care..heeheh

These are my bags. I can say my most expensive animal prints collections, except the two bags on the upper part.:)

My guess wallet… Super love this!!!

I don’t want to use this umbrella.. I just love to hang this in my room.:)

I bought this at divisoria for only 180 pesos, but some online seller sell this around 350 – 400 pesos..ohhhh oh..too much!

Cheapest i have.. I don’t use this anyway except for the white sandal.:)

My chair, laptop table and storage box in one.. Bought this at divisoria, despite of the heaviness i still bought this and carried this home.

Hmmm…how about my clothes? I choose not to include it here.. I have my reasons why…You will find out at the right time.:)

Hope you enjoy reading this guys… Btw can u suggest what to post next time? My mind is not working again…

God Bless everyone! Stay happy and do not allow negative spirit ruin your life.


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