How to deal heartbreak!

Easy tips on how to deal heartbreak:

* Pamper yourself. ( go to salon and spa)

* Shopping. ( you don’t need much money to do this, just be wise)

* Ukay-ukay.  (go and visit ukay-ukay store in town)

*Clean your place. ( keep your self busy by cleaning your room, or your house or your backyard)

Actually, a lot of things to do to keep your self busy. If you like cooking, then go and experiment some dish. You can, sew your old clothes. If you have a lot of cosmetics then go and express how you feel through make-ups. If you have neice, nephew or children, then go and play with them or treat them out.

* Write what you feel on a paper. (it can help)

* Avoid listening love songs. ( if we’re on this stage, we feel like all the songs fits for us,admit it!)

* Talk to a friend or to someone you are close. ( Admit it guys, it really help us to recover if we share it to our friends. Just keep on talking to them) 

And sometimes guys, crying out loud in our room will help, ayt?!

Anyway, not all of us are very out spoken. There are people also that they want to keep what they feel inside. They don’t want others to know they are hurt. As today’s generation, some expresses what they feel through facebook, twitter and other social networking site.

But whatever you’ve been through guys, always remember that it is not the end of the world. This will help you to be a better person in a future. It’s not easy to feel that way, but that’s part of our life as a human. It’s easy to say all of this tips but really hard if your in a real situation,ayt?! yes i know! I’ve been through a different kind of heartbreak more than you think of. And i’m still here. Stronger and wiser than before.


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