Etude Silk Scarf shampoo

Silk Scarf shampoo

I got this product as a freebie of Etude house the last time i did my first purchased in their store. I decided not to include this product in my previous post because i haven’t use it yet. I want to use this first before blogging so that i can share to you guys the effect of this product. It’s really hard to blog a product if you haven’t use it, ayt?!

So, yesterday i used this product. The smell is good. Am a little bit worried and wondered if  one sachet is enough for my hair. Well, worry no more for me. Satisfied!

To give you guys a little info. I can’t live without conditioner on my hair. Yesterday when i used this shampoo, it’s my intention not to use conditioner to know whats really the effect of this product on my hair. Well, believe it or not guys, my hair is super smooth and shinny, and the smell will last long.

Can’t wait to buy more for this product. Btw, do they have this product in a bottle? Loser me, i don’t know..:( I hope they have.


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