Trick or Treat (looks can be deceiving)

Trick or Treat!

Here’s what i wore last monday, trick or treat at sm city cebu. Actually i really want to wear an all black dress with this black cover to have a witch-y looks and black is perfect for my mood,hurting and sick..Enough for this drama..:)

Anyway i came up with this look, bright colors inside and black as outer. I have meaning on this look. I am now in a darkest part of my life and i’m trying and hoping that the remaining bright colors in my life will come out soon. Toinkz! i said enough for this drama thing..:)

Back to my looks, i so love my floral shorts. It’s 300 pesos only but i paid it less coz’ i got it in a wholesale price.

Now tell me, do i look like i’m sick? Well, i am.. Suffering tummy aches for almost a week now and sleep 4 hours or less every night. Looks can be deceiving right? ^_^

I love my accessories from my favorite supplier. What i love the most is the feather necklace coz’ it has locket, it’s so cute.

With my princess…So cute, ayt?

with the kids…

Had so much fun!


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