Annebisyosa D’ Legally Blonde

Annebisyosa D’ Legally Blonde!

What’s with the title? Well, i’ll tell you later! 🙂 But before that let me tell you about my outfit yesterday. As what i’ve i said in my previous post, i am now in my darkest part of my life, problems and pain, so i’ve chosen to wear light color to cover all the pain but look in to my eyes, no matter what i do, you can see it in my eyes, the truth.

I so love this top of mine, it was thrifted actually and it’s big for me but i still bought it because i love the color, that’s why i paired it with my thrifted lacey shrug to cover my shoulder part because as what i’ve said before i’m gaining weight for no reason. I don’t eat that much but i still gain weight..:(

This is the baby pink jeans i keep on tweeting about.. It’s from SM department store. I love the fitting of this jeans, actually True Love brand at sm department store fits me so well. Plan to buy the blue and fuchsia too.

And oh! I love my accessories so much..will post here soon my new accessories…I’m sure you will love it too..

Pink Girls! I remember the movie Legally Blonde, and i love that movie..


Yerterday, Anne Curtis live at Ayala mall cebu. It was not our intention to watch her but we did.:) My princess enjoyed watching showtime princess Anne Curtis. she keep on asking where’s Anne mommy?

The crowd, super!

Forgive me about the photos it’s blurry coz’ i’m just using my phone and people around me keep on pushing me.huh!


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