Nail art : colors animal print

Gabz and I nail art… So cute!!!

Gabz nail art!

So, this is my nail art for this week. Leopard and zebra print in different colors. I love animal print so i’d choose this with a twist of course, instead of black and white and brown, i preferred mine into bright colors and since christmas is fast approaching  my nail art is perfect for this season. They said it’s like christmas lights, well yes! and i loved it!

Anyway this is one of our bonding moment with my princess, aside from shopping, eating and watching movies. She want’s to be like me, but of course i don’t want her to be exactly like me.:0) why? that’s a secret i wont tell!hehehe

Thanks to our neighbor’s friend who did our nail art. She’s the best in town, why?! I will tell you guys in my next post. I will feature her in my next blog and all her designs. Plus the fact that her nail art is more cheaper than those in a salon, super duper cheap, like 40 pesos only. And one more thing, if you have your own design just show to her and she can copy it perfectly.

Good vibes!!!


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