Green green grass

And so i’m back on blogging!!!!!! Hello Philippines and hello world!!!! choz!

Here’s what i wear today. Lacy top (gaisano), Bangkok shorts, parisian wedge, forever21 cardigans and thrifted zebra bag..

Lunch out with my friends and our babies. Pigging out from parkmall to S&R, forget my diet..teeee!!!  I love meeting up with my friends and talk anything about our life now, and also others life..hehehhe..(chismosa)

Anyhoo, did you like my look? Too much green ayt?! And i love it, so calm and fresh and clean. Nothing special with my look today, it’s a common outfit but hell i care! i feel so comfortable with this. It’s how you bring that look and give life on that outfit.

You don’t need to have expensive clothes to become fashionable today. Just be a wise shopper.

Here’s what we ate at S&R…………….

From eating lunch with unlimited rice, we’re heading to S&R to eat again. I so want to eat ice cream no matter what happen..choz!

We’re 5 including 2 kids but we only bought 1 softdrinks.teeheee! It’s unlimited anyway!!!! (kuripot mode)

So, here’s  my favorite ice cream, bunny track and cookies & cream

This is there pizza….Can you imagine how big there pizza here?

 With 1 slice of pizza plus unlimited drinks is enough to feed your hungry stomach..:)

Yes! for the first time my princess ate pizza…thanks S&R..choz!

‘Till next post peepz!!!


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