Ring me a bell!

Wide leg from sm department store, tube top thrifted, heels from primadonna.I know this is just a simple look for a wedding but you know in the province like our province you need to be extra careful of what you wear. So i decided to wear wide leg pants instead of wearing jeans to look more formal-ish and class-y! >_<

And i love wearing heels now, i love how it adds 4 inches to my height..(frustrated with my height):( And this wide leg pants is my new love, want to have this in different colors and i know where to buy this at a cheaper price compare to malls.

I know it’s a little bit blurry but i don’t have any solo photo wearing lacy blazer. Yes, i wear blazer during the mass,i mean the whole event..hehe..don’t feel like taking it off. I just feel that if i take it off all eyes are in me, call me assuming or whatever but i feel it..heheheh

Wacky pose! with the bride and groom and my batchmate!

With friends!

The flower girl! My princess!



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