Bored?, Come lets pose!

Basic tank top, white crochet top , forever21 pants and primadonna shoes..

I’m bored so i asked my friend to took me a few looks for my lookbook and blog. Another crochet top, i told you i’m loving crochet now a days. I remember before i saw a lot of  crochet dresses and tops from my Aunt’s luggage , can’t imagine crochet is trending today in fashion industry.

This forever21 pants is a must have, stretchy and it fits me so well, plus it’s not that expensive, bought it for only 549 pesos, sad coz’ it’s out of stock now, want to have the black one so badly..:(

This primadonna shoes is my all time favaorite,why? co’z it’s so comfy to walk and even run, so expect me to wear this in almost all of my future looks..heeeee

Just visit primadonna at sm cebu, they have all the latest trend on shoes today.. And if you love Anne Curtis, you will love primadonna..heeeeeeeeee


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