Early summer!

Early summer for us! Had bonding moment with my new friends with their families!

Thrifted top/cover ups. This is actually a top which i used as cover ups and it looks so nice,ayt?! I almost forgot that i have this kind of top. I bought this for only 35 pesos..so cheap!!!hahahah

But hey! look! does it look like it’s 35 pesos only?

So, i did mix and match. These are my old swimwear, as in super old like 3 years old?!heeeee

Old navy pink bra and roxy bikini.

Summer is almost here, so ladies out there start mix and matching your old swimwear to have a new look this summer. No need to buy a new one if you have so many old pieces, just try to mix and match and viola!

Be artistic, try to look in your closet maybe you can find some pieces that you can use as cover ups. Hate to buy cover ups in malls, maybe you know why. I don’t like to bump to other people in the beach wearing same cover ups as mine. That’s an ewwww…heeeeee

I’m so thankful that i have a body like this, inspite the fact that i have a kid already. I’m not saying i have a perfect/sexy body but i can say that not all mother can achieve a body like this. Free from stretch mark…. 😉 >_<


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