Orange is my thing!

Orange is my thing!

I don’t how it’s started, but i just found out i owned a lot of orange thing-y!:0) Maybe because this year trend is something orange,glittery and metallic!

Anyway, i wear oversized top and mix&match swimwear and CK shades.

Sexy top with a little conservative bottom.:) This bottom is perfect to those who don’t want to show off their panty line under the butt. We all know that it”s darker than our normal skin.;) Lucky those ladies who don’t have problems like this.:)

This is my last outfit.:( Looking forward for another outing.

My princess is wearing OP top and xhilaration bottom…

With my little version!

Most of the time she’s the one who teach me how to pose. I don’t know if she wants to become a model or a photographer, she has talent on both. Will whatever it is, we’re here to support her.


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