In the middle of chizmax!

Old navy tube jumpshorts, primadonna shoes,ice watch for watch and US brand shades southpole..

This is what i wear when we arrived in the resort, except for the shoes of course..heeee

I love this jumpshort because of it’s cloth. Perfect for summer, so relaxing! But don’t you know that you can wear this in rainy season or in a cold weather? You just paired this with cardigans.

Why in the middle of chizmax? ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, we’re in the middle of chitchatting, laughing and eating when i left the group and grab my shoes at the back of my car and pose. Ooopppsss sorry guys!

Thanks to my ever supportive photographer, kuya glen and johnix!heeeeee

Thanks also to this Kabaw(isuzu alterra) and Anay (mitsubishi adventure) as my background! My baktin(kia soul) was over used as my background so my baby soul is exempted today …heeeeeeeeeeeee


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