Site visit!

Sheer top from local store, highwaist short thrifted, parisian wedge, forever21 headband and earings.

I so love this top, it’s love at first sight actually and i got this for a wholesale price, same quality but more cheaper compare to malls .

I bought this headband for my daughter but unfortunately she didn’t like it so i’m the one who used this. I love glittery thing-y..heeeeee

Feeling dyosa!!!! heeeeee

I love my hair…heeee..So lucky that i don’t need to iron and color my hair. I was born this way, straight and blonde hair.hehehehe

(frustrated to have curly hair)

Inocente de ti!!!! I look so young and fresh here. heeeeeee

About the title!

We visited some subdivision in southern part of cebu. Thanks God i found a perfect place to live.

So this is our future house! ❤


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