Accessories galore!!!

My new addiction..Connectors ring!

I’m not lucky enough to have fingers that can fit regular size of ring. Yes, i have baby fingers (that’s how i call my fingers).. My size is for kids, size 3 3.5 to 4.. 😦

When i first tried connector ring, i love how it fits in my fingers plus it’s adjustable. Even though it’s not that small to fit me,but believe me it wont fall or take off from my fingers.

 Food for the ears!!

My favorite at the center the black and white circle earings, so classy yet not expensive. I saw one like this at forever21 it cost 349 pesos but mine i bought this for 80 pesos only..weeee

I fall in love with its color..

Till my next post…Too many accessories to post. Brand is not important to me when it comes to accessories, i’m just a wise shopper, we all know they just put some tags of their brand or names on it and viola! sell it on a higher price.


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