Graduation day!

Corset top from Marvelous tuesday (, Wide leg from BKK, Pill shoes from Crossing The Ramp, Satchel bag from Cole Vintage Crossing The Ramp..

So, this is what i wore in my daughter’s graduation day. I don’t know if i look good with this outfit or i look so “baduy” , too many colors in one outfit is confusing, but i don’t care as long as i’m comfortable with this.

I’m addicted to corset this past few days. It give’s you an extra social look and formal look with a blazer. I got this corset from marvelous tuesday, and i can say she has the best corset,bustier, swimwear and a lot more in town.. Pls visit her site here …..

What i like about wide leg is that i feel like i’m so tall, without noticing that i wore 5″ heels .:)

I’ve been dreaming of satchel bag from cole vintage and thanks God i have it already. I’m planning to buy all the colors of their satchel as soon as i get back to manila. But you can order through their site

Forgive me about my not edited photos because i don’t have Lightroom and Photoshop, i’m using my new lappy now.


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