The debutant!

Corset top,bought online, BKK bandage skirt, element bag bought in landmark, people are people bandage wedge.

Attended a debut and decided to wear this corset and bandage skirt coz’ i feel so sexy and comfortable with it..Even though i gain weight here but it’s not visible especially in my tummy part.>_<

Would you believe that i’m 3 weeks pregnant in this photo?! Yes, but i myself didn’t know it too. All i know is that i ate a lot..ehhehehe

One of the reason why i love him so much.. He treated me as his queen, so i call him my king….. Does your man do this for you?! If yes then he’s really the one for you, if not then he’s not the one …>_<heheheh

Thank you guys for reading my blog, even though it’s been a while that i haven’t post any looks but still you support my blog. It made me smile that i have a lot of viewers ….

Till’ next post…

Vacation mode tomorrow with friends in Boracay, hope the weather is good to us!!!


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