Boracay Island!

As promise, i’m gonna blog about boracay island this time since this is my third time to visit here. Will show you guys how beautiful boracay island and the foods are super delicious. If your a sea foods lover like me, then you’ll gonna love boracay as much as i do.


one of the most visited place here in boracay island!

Who can resist the white powdery sand and the blue-greenish water here in boracay island?! This island is heaven! Me and my friends cant stop taking pictures by the beach. The moment we went here is kinda windy but we still enjoy the place coz’ mr.sun is up there!

It feels so good to walk in the sand with your bare foot.


Night restaurant at the seashore…

taken in D’Talipapa market

taken at D’Talipapa market

taken at D’Talipapa market

My favorite part, the food.  You can choose from different kinds of sea foods. These are some of the foods that you can see here in boracay island, lobster (1500/kl), shrimps,crabs and the famous “talaba”.. By night, the seashore turns into a restaurant, and mostly it’s an eat all you can restaurant range from 250-400 per person. If you’re a budget conscious, you don’t have to worry coz’ there’s a lot of cheap foods at D’mall area. Mang inasal and andoks are there too. You can visit D’talipapa market too to buy cheap sea foods, they can cook it for you with a charge of course.


D’mall early in the morning!

D’mall is like a little village of shops and boutiques where you can buy swimwear, slippers, pasalubong, foods and everything, you find it here. Kinda expensive compare to D’talipapa but this place is more accessible.


D’talipapa market has souvenir shops and the wet market where you can find fresh sea foods. We bought here some pasalubong coz’ it’s way cheap compare at D’mall, and don’t forget to make “tawad” “hangyo”..:)


This is where we stay, they call this place D’compound. Super affordable rooms are found here. Plus its a beach front. Our room cost  1500/night only good for 4 persons, with air condition,tv and a hot&cold water in the bathroom, in the other rooms there’s “refrigerator. You can find room here for as low as 1000 pesos, you can make “tawad” pa..:)

Practically, we stayed here since we don’t need expensive rooms just to put our things. We went here to party and roaming around the beach, picture taking and swimming, so why stay in an expensive rooms where you can only stay there to sleep for 4hrs only?! And besides all the rooms in the compound are very nice and clean…

I suggest if you’re planning to go here in boracay island, especially if you’re a budget conscious, then this place is right for you. I have a friend there to accommodate you, and do the reservation for you without any charge. Just message me if you want or follow me on twitter it’s @jovinicole ….

taken at the pathway of d’compound…

“Till my next post.

God bless everyone!!!!

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