29th years of existence!

It’s my 29th birthday!

I celebrated my 29th birthday last August 4 at The Port seafoods restaurant waterfront cebu city with my old and new friends. This is an eat all you can restaurant, and their foods are super delicious.


Thank you to all wifey for this super cute and delicious cake.  


Thank you guys for celebrating with me in this special day of my life. You made me very happy. This is one of my memorable birthday ever. 


Thank you Iris and glen for this cake. I’m surprised with all those waiters singing happy birthday to me with this cake, kinda shy but thank you so much for the surprise. Ris, you really love surprises! 


My old yet young friends!


My new and feeling young friends!!!hahahahah



Birthday wish!!!!

I couldn’t ask for more in life. I’m contended and super happy.I knew God really loves me for He gave me everything i asked in life, so now it’s my turn to say thank you so much Dear Lord..

My only wish is that, to have a very healthy baby boy and that he’s in good condition and to have a safe delivery.

And lastly, thank you to my ever supportive king for making all of these possible. Thank you for making me happy despite the distance between us. I love you so much…


Thank you for this wonderful gift my king!!!!


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