Birthday celebration part2!

simple food yet made with love…

I’m having another simple celebration in our simple yet full of love house.>.<

Simple foods but super delicious made by your’s truly and two of my friends. This celebration was intended for my old and precious friends but sad to say some of them didn’t make it. Some with valid reasons and some are just nonsense, (useless ra ang friendship gkalimtan)…tsk tsk tsk..They’re so important to me but i’m not important to them. Well, this is life..Enough for this drama!


Another blowing of candles!!!hehehehe

With my Princess Gabby!

Ooooppssss the dress terno again!!! I’m her idol, and she wants to be like me, a fashionista mommy.

My daughter’s visitors!!!hehehhe

And below are my visitors!!!

It’s videoke time!!!!

Thank you guys for making my 2nd day birthday bash a memorable one! I had so much fun. The “idol” thing and those drama!!!heheheh

Happiness is not measure by number of people, coz’ 120% i’m super happy at this moment (bsan gamay rata)… To Janix, thank you for being an entertainer that night…hahahhah..

Thank you to my friends Mariz and Janix for helping me preparing the foods..


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