Sweet orange!

So this is what i wore in my bestfriend’s wedding….

Peplum orange dress from Sm department store, shoes from Pill, LV bag…

It’s hard for me to find this kind of dress.. It takes a month for me to find a dress like this. I decided to wear peplum dress to cover my big tummy, i got inspired by Pia Guanio of chicka minute/eat bulaga/showbiz central. You cant really notice that she’s pregnant because of a peplum dress she always wear.

And i think Camille Co is her stylist… The famous blogger!

Oh yes! i gain weight.  I’m on my 26 weeks now. Can’t stop eating, i’m always hungry, this baby boy inside my tummy loves to eat and i can’t say no to him…hehehehe

With the bride and groom.. What a lovely couple, ayt?!

My ever supportive daughter! She loves to do wacky faces!!!


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