My bestfriend’s wedding!

My long time friend Iris got married to her boyfriend of almost 10 years!

the giveaways!

the bouquet

The Gown!

This beautiful gown was design by the bride. After how many months of  looking a gown all over the town, she decided to design her own gown and let the seamstress do the rest of the details..

The handsome groom!

The lovely bride!!!

Did you know that since college we always mistakenly identified as sisters?! Well, yes maybe because we have one thing in common, the eyes! heheheh

and oopppssss we’re both pretty!!!! heheheheh

The perfect couple with the officiating priest!

The principal sponsors!

The beautiful bridesmaid, groomsmen and flower girls!

The secondary sponsors!

With the parents of the bride and groom!

The offerers!

With the bride’s friends!

The reception!

The cakes!

After how many years of being a gf/bf at last they decided to tie a knot!

I’m so happy for them!

A simple wedding ceremony full of happiness and love witness by relatives and some close friends  held at Our Lady of Lourdes parish Punta Prinsesa cebu city, reception was followed at Crowne garden hotel lahug cebu city.

Married life is not easy but with God as the center of the relationship, i know everything is in good hands!

And oh before i forgot, i so love the motif , from the church to the reception is full of bright colors, it looks so sweet! plus i love orange, one of my favorite color.



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