Just a random thoughts!

I heard a lot of stories nowadays, a different stories from different people and yet the same mistakes and the same feelings..
I know being a seaman or seaman’s wife is not easy,so hard that tears fall down with no reasons.
There’s no such things that “mas looy ang seaman” or “mas looy ang asawa” coz’ in this life you cannot predict what will happen in the future.
I feel super sad to know that a wife suffered so much pain because her husband has an affair with other girl. Which is common to a seafarer,but still not right.
And then here the seaman hurting now because his wife having an affair with other boy and now the girl is pregnant.
All i can say is that you will never know what will happen in your life. Now tell me what hurts the most, your partner having an affair or your partner addicted to gambling or your partner lied to you all the time?
Which is which we know that it’s not right, and it has to stop to save the family.
I know we’re (me &hubby) not perfect but i’m so proud of what we’ve been through for the past years. And i feel so lucky and i knew he consider his self lucky too that we have each other. And i thank God for being there for us and always englighten our minds not to make mistakes than can ruin our marraige.
I pray to those people who’s hurting right now and i know everything happens for a reason, time can heal everything even the deepest wounds.
We make mistakes but whats important is we learned from it and
never do it again. And to those who haven’t realize that what they do is a big NO NO, maybe it’s time to think and change before it’s too late..

Till’ my next random thoughts….hehegge…nytinyt pepz!!!


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