Another random thoughts!

It’s a rainy cold evening and here i am lying in our bed watching my kids sleeping and at the same time thinking what my king doing right now, is he working or relaxing in his cabin or probably he’s sleeping but whatever he’s doing now i hope he’s okay there.
It’s been a while since i put on my headphone and listen to my favorite musics in my phone, and here i am again blabbering in my blog.
Oh by the way what’s your favorite musics or songs? I listen to different genre now, but i so love old songs like from 70’s & 80’s. I still love new songs, really i do but you know it wont last that long, unlike old songs that can really touch my heart and soul.
And my all time favorite songs are “thanks to you” , “closer you & i”, ” on my own by whitney houston”, “god give me you” ,”that’s what friends are for” & “destiny”.
I do love songs from air supply, side A , barry manilow, rick astley, bread, yanni, and a lot more..
Sometimes in my senti mode, no not sometimes but everytime i’m on my senti mode i cried when i hear love songs, coz’ feeling naku “gosh naigo ko ani nga kanta” , but you know in your senti moment you feel like all songs really meant for you,am i right? No not only in senti moment but also in times you’re in love.
I agree that Filipinos are so sentimental and emotional.;-)
How about you, what’s the songs of your life? What songs affect you the most?
All i can say all songs can affect us depends on our moods and situations.
Before i end this let me share a fact about me:
I sing because i’m sad.
So everytime i sing a song it doesn’t mean that i’m happy, it means im sad and lonely..

Goodnight readers and followers thank you for patronizing my blog..

Do i make sense in this post? Well, whatever it is, i only share to you guyz whats in my mind right now.;-)


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