Proud mom!

It’s been 4 days since the class started and i’m enjoying and loving it. New school, new teachers and new classmates. No, i’m not studying again, i’m referring to my princess, she’s in grade school now, grade one to be exact. I can’t imagine my princess is in grade school now, time flies so fast. I’m enjoying my role as a mom, preparing her uniform, fixing her hair, arranging her things, and drove her to school.
What i love the most is thinking what to cook for her lunch, oh yes i love to cook. And the most happiest part is when my princess appreciated what i prepared for her, like ” ikaw nagluto ani mami? My favorite..” Or ” wow kalami sa imong giluto mami oi i love it” , and i’m so inspired everytime i cook because i know my princess will appreciate it.
A while ago as gabby (my daughter) ate her lunch in their classroom,( because their teacher let them eat on their own without parents or yaya to make the child become independent.) some of the parents amazed when they saw what my princess eat, vegestables!! a.k.a. ” UTAN BISAYA”
Most of the children now a days only eat chicken,hotdog or ham, pork etc… Except vegestables. But i trained my daughter to eat whatever i put on the table during meal time.
At an early age, i think when she’s 2years old, she ate all by herself, she knew how to use spoon & fork already.
And now my princess is 6 years old now, at a young age she knew how to wash the dishes, folding clothes,cleaning the house and sweeping outside our house. At a young age she knew and understand a lot of things in life. She maybe young but i know i can count on her in times i need someone to comfort me, (proven & tested na nku during those times im super down).
She’s so sweet, caring, loving, friendly, outspoken ang very energetic. I know my daughter is not perfect but i know she will grow up perfectly with our guidance and love. Hard headed sometimes, but that’s part of their growing up stage.
I’ m so proud and lucky to have a daughter like her, who always say ” ka gwapa sa akong mami oi” , “wow nice dress akong mami” ” good morning my queen,hows your sleep?” ” i’m pretty like mami” etc…
I wish she will be able to read this blog of mine in the future. To remind her how lucky i am to have her in my life.



We love you princess. Always be good in school.. We’re here to support you in everything that you do..


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