Have you heard about this kopiccino from kopiko? For sure you see their ads on tv or hear it from radio. Thanks to the vegetables oil that i bought, i was able to try this kind of drink for free. And believe it or not this drink will blow you away, promise. I super love the taste plus taste like a real capuccino from starbucks or from any other coffee shops at a super affordable price. I can’t imagine kopiko made this kind of drink, but thank you i don’t need to buy capuccino worth a hundred bucks. What i did is that i just bought a cute mug exclusively for my kopiccino..heheheh..street wise!


My favorite part is to design anything on top of my kopiccino using the free choco granules. Just be creative..My first attempt is the happy face.. What can you say? Can’t wait for my hubby to come home coz’ i love to prepare this for him with heart on top.. ^_^


So what are you waiting for? Hurry buy now from your nearest stores or supermarket. Be practical, drink kopiccino…


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