When mishaps happen…

It’s monday, first day of a week, when mishaps happened to us (my daughter and me). While driving from her school going home, and suddenly the car engine stopped, and where in the middle of a busy street in our town, and since it’s my first time to experience such thing, it’s like “omg! What am gonna do? My daughter is with me,pls help us Lord”. I was so scared that time and don’t know what to do,the engine didn’t start. Our car is 23 months old and i can’t imagine it happened to us coz i take care of our car like my baby, (that’s why i call it baby soul). Thanks to our friend tatay driver and to our neighbor who helped us.
Tuesday, second day of a week. I brought baby soul to kia service center near our town to have check. Just when we arrived there, the engine didn’t start again. So they checked and blah blah blah… After an hour and half they said, “maam ok na ang sakyanan, start na balik” so they released the car. I was driving on our way home and decided to stop in a bank to withdraw, i did not turn off the engine since i wont take that long to withdraw in an atm. When i got back inside the car i noticed the foot brake is not functioning so i turned off the engine, when i switched it on the engine didn’t start again. Thanks to kia service center who rescued us. And most especially thank you Lord we’re safe. What if the brake didn’t function while i was driving? What will happen to us? Isn’t it too early to experience all these things for a 23 months old kia soul? Is kia cars safe? Until now they cant tell me whats wrong with my car..
Wednesday, third day of a week, it happened early today. I’m in the supermarket doing groceries, i have no cash onhand,coz’ my plan is to swipe my debit card. When i was about to pay, we found out metrobank system is offline, so i ran to the nearest atm to withdraw instead, but still they can’t process my request, so i decided to go to the nearest metrobank, to found out all metrobank from manila is out of service,there system are down. It’s like what?!! I have no cash onhand, How i’m gonna pay my groceries? My baby has no more milk,water and diaper, we have no food in the fridge, i almost cry.. But Jesus still love me, the manager has a good heart that she allowed me to get some money from them but to leave my card in the bank until the system get back, which is a big no no to their company but bec. She has a good heart and she saw me almost crying, she allowed me to get some money. Lucky me!!
No matter what misfortune happened to me, our Good Lord still love. He never leaves me. And im so thankful with that.. We just have to believe that He’s there for us no matter what happen..


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