A moment of waiting.. (Another random thoughts)

Here i am lying in my bed waiting for my king for our chat bonding on facebook. Long distance relationship is not that sad because of facebook and other social networking like viber, twitter, instagram, skype, ym, etc.. Unfortunately in our case we can only use fb chat, but at least compare to other ship, they don’t have internet connection at all.
I missed old times, you know, letters, cards, printed pictures, etc.. I remember before i wrote him every week or sometimes everyday, send him different kinds of cards and pictures. But now, i’m kinda lazy with all that stuff,hehehe. I’l just open my facebook instead and apload pics or write him a message and there he can see it right away as soon as he open his fb.
Oh, by the way my birthday is fast approaching. Oh no! I’m almost out of the calendar!!heheheh. Anyway, no more plans for my birthday. No more salo-salo with friends. I just want to be with my family. It’s been so long that i’m so dedicated with my friends, i can’t live without my friends, i’m so loyal with my friends coz’ they’re like my sisters, but now maybe it’s time for myself. I’m on hurting stage, disappointed, and wondering why?.. Okay! Enough for this drama!
With all these drama, i found out that the best ever friend of mine is my hubby. I’m so thankful he allowed me to talk to him like a friend and not as my husband. Chatting like a real best friend, who advice you, comfort you, telling you your mistakes and say to you that no matter what happen he’s there for me all the time. How lucky am i to have him in my life. I cannot trust anyone except him.
Forgive me with all these sentiments in life,hehehe.. I’d rather write it here than talking to anybody out there. You know what i mean.. Not all people you talk cares for you, some are just too curious to know..
Time is up… Time for chat bonding with my hubby..
Thanks for reading all these nonsense post of mine..hehehe.. Till my next post..
Wala lang, pampalipas oras, while waiting… 😉


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