Everybody knows about these detox juices,for sure! These juices are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, no preservatives. I’ve been searching for a month where to buy these here in cebu coz’ i really want to try. Thanks to a friend of mine who introduce #thejuiceshop to me,(will blog about #thejuiceshop soon)..

I swear these juices are so delicious, loser me i forgot the flavors,:-) One bottle (350ml) is enough for a meal. You just need to drink a lot of water or a detox water (which i made my own). They also have a detox package for newbie and old. A lot of flavors to choose from.

It’s so hard to lose weight, i gained so much weight from my last pregnancy and now im so determined to lose weight . Good luck to me. 🙂


sori for a short post. Im not in a good condition now. So many things i want to say but my brain is not working. Till my next post..


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