New love (terranova & lacoste)

image imageI’m not into brands, i wear anything as long as i’m comfortable with it, plus factor if i love the color. I don’t usually go to malls, especially those expensive and imported stores, i felt like i don’t belong there, and that uber expensive items is a big no no for me. It’s not that i can’t afford to buy but it’s not practical,you know a blouse for 3k?! No way…

Terranova is one of those stores which i just passed by and just a quick glimpse from ouside of whats inside their store and then babush.. Because i really thought they’re so expensive, since terranova is an italian fashion brand. But the first time i went inside terranova store in Robinson Manila, i got crazy over their season sale, well actually they’re always on sale but there are times that their prices drop to the lowest.

And yesterday is one of their super sale which you can buy a tank top and tube top for only 125 pesos, blouse 245 pesos only. A good cheap finds of an international brand,ayt?! Plus,look at my size it’s an S..;-) Visit their store at sm city cebu and ayala center cebu.

Okay,next is my all time addiction, the bag! I’m super addicted into bags. I love to collect different kinds of bags,color,etc. A king size bed full of bags, imagine how many bags are there?! That’s how i’m addicted into bags. But that was before, i know how to control now. As what i’ve said earlier i’m not into brands, as long as im comfortable, although a lot of it are branded bags.

And now,i’m addicted to lacoste bags, i want them in different colors,i know it’s kinda expensive but i’m willing to save for these babies.:-) As of now i have four lacoste bags, metallic gold, lavender, and these two new, red and navy blue. More to come pls…..

Oh by the way, my birthday is fast approaching, i will accept gifts now, ahemmm!! You already have a hint..hehehehee

Till my next post! Thank you for visiting… 🙂


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